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Hi there! I’m Sniffy. Now, as a skunk, I certainly know about distinctive odors, like natural gas. And, you know what? I know lots about natural gas safety. So, after you visit my Web site, I hope you will too!

Are you ready to have fun learning about natural gas? Here are some things to do that will help you get to know me better and understand more about natural gas. Print my picture and color it, or get your parents to help with these two, great experiments.

Kids, if you EVER smell natural gas in the air, remember: Smell Gas? Act Fast! This means don’t delay—get away! Don’t look for the leak. Don’t use or touch anything electrical. Don’t even use a cell phone. Leave the area. Then, call your natural gas provider.

And, be sure to teach Smell Gas? Act Fast! to your parents too. If they don’t know about natural gas safety, it will only take a minute or two for you to explain what you’ve learned to them. Because every member of your family should know what to do if there ever is a gas leak at home, school, or wherever life may take you!

Thanks—have an awesome day!

To learn how to contact your natural gas provider, click here.